Royal Princess Nursery Fabulous for a Baby Girl

I am so excited with this fantastic royal room which i really wish i had a baby girl so she would be a real Princess!

 Ι am thrilled about how great the colors look together, the fabrics, the accesories, this beautiful crib bedding, princess wall art(my artwork), all these put together an elegant, romantic and luxurious nursery but not ''too much''!

Take a look and get inspiration ideas to decorate the most beautiful royal princess room. You can find all items here.

via Errikos Art design on polyvore

For Princess Wall Art, Castle, Crown , Carriage, Princess Dress, Cinderella's Shoe, Princess Custom Name SET OF 6 Art Prints View here 

via handpainting on Etsy

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, it's always my pleasure
All images of my artwork copyright by Errikosartdesign © 2012-13.

Do not be reproduced my artwork without my written permission.

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